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No bearings or seals in contact with the product
Gentle on the product
Volumetric feeder
Suitable for a broad range of bulk materials
It's operation is very simple and thats what makes it so beneficial.
Reduced dust explosion risk

Olds Elevators™ -

The innovative Olds Elevator™ is a Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor and volumetric feeder which efficiently and economically transports bulk solids while providing inherent protection against dust explosion.  Considered to be a revolutionary bulk handling technology, it’s an ingenious advance in the field of bulk materials handling.

The Olds Elevator technology is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications and materials and offers significant advantages over conventional bulk conveyors and elevators.


  • Simple design
  • Only one moving part , the rotating tube,
    comes in contact with the product
  • No bearings or seals who come into contact with the product
  • Very uniform output
  • Minimum dust development
  • Built-in dust explosion prevention
  • Handles fine powders to very coarse granules
  • Can cool or heat the product while being conveyed
  • Can be used as a dosing unit
  • Input on the lowest point of the elevator ie floor level (or lower)

And then also

  • Low maintenance
  • Gentle for the product
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Relatively small footprint
  • Works under any angle
  • Flexibele installation options,  fixed, mobile, indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy to build in or replace existing system
  • The driving portion may be placed on any portion of the rotary tube, whereby the discharge is practically equal to the highest point of the installation.

All bearings are external and
easily accessible


Only the rotating tube
comes into contact with
the product


The stationary screw is
attached top and bottom
to the frame

Input scoops feed the
material in the rotary tube

Low Maintenance