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No bearings or seals in contact with the product
Gentle on the product
Volumetric feeder
Suitable for a broad range of bulk materials
It's operation is very simple and thats what makes it so beneficial.
Reduced dust explosion risk

Benefits and unique advantages of the Olds Elevator

  • Vertical or inclined   transfer silently and dust is virtually eliminated
  • Provides an inherent   explosion barrier or choke due to its full-bore mode that will prevent   explosions or deflagrations propagating to other parts of the plant.
  • Unique design avoids   the high-risk ignition sources that can occur inside conventional elevators,   especially bucket elevators.
  • Flow of material is   always smooth and steady, without the pulsations experienced with conventional   screw conveyors and bucket elevators.
  • Any fine particles   (dust) are contained in the full-bore mode of flow

"I see the Olds   Elevator replacing lots of bucket elevators," - Associate   Professor Peter Wypych,

  • Zero to minimal   product damage
  • Handles slurries and   pastes
  • Quite,   energy-efficient and occupies minimal floor space
  • The pick up height is   at the lowest point of the elevator, and can be at virtually floor level.
  • The transfer rate is   volumetrically proportional to speed, so the machine can be used as a variable   rate feeder.

“Performance is more   predictable, more reliable, more product friendly, more product tolerant and   much less maintenance prone than conventional elevators.”

  • Feed material can be   entered from any sector of the machine's pick up point.
  • As the discharge end   has no bearings, seals or a drive, discharge can be close to the ultimate   headroom.
  • The discharge can be   divided into two or more sectors.
  • Bearings are totally   external to the product flow and accessible for maintenance.
  • The drive can be   located at any position on the housing, to suit easy mounting, wiring and   access

"What a unique   device this is. Imagine replacing a bucket elevator with something that won't   break down, is unaffected by material temperature, can handle wet or damp   product and only has one moving part... brilliant, read on!" - Joe Taylor, Editor of www.powderandbulk.com

Advantages   over conventional screw elevators

  • Higher   output.
  • Dust is virtually   eliminated
  • Can be used to   control the rate of feed.
  • Gentler   handling.
  • Lower pick up/larger   hopper capacity.

"Quite simply, it   will perform the duty that other screw elevators won't." - Mr Lyn Bates, Ajax Equipment Ltd, England.

  • No seal leakage or   bearings exposed to product.
  • Lower   Maintenance.
  • Easier to access   drive assembly.
  • No product   segregation.
  • Very high turn down   rate

“Safer than other   elevators because it will prevent explosions or deflagrations propagating to   other parts of the plant.”

  • No contact between   screw and casing.
  • Deals easier with   poor flowing products.
  • More uniform   discharge.
  • Simultaneous heating   or cooling of product.
  • Rapid cleanout for   product changeovers.

“Wide uses in the   processing of foods, chemicals, minerals. Process engineers now have an   efficient new tool with very high levels of safety.”

This innovative   development improves plant safety and enlarges the scope for elevating bulk   solids by overcoming many of the drawbacks and limitations of conventional   machines. Olds Elevators are available in Mild or Stainless Steel with a wide   range of surface finishes. Sizes  range are from 75 to 610 mm diameter, larger   units can be produced if required.

 Dust Control

 Olds elevators control dust inherently.  That is, its operating principle prevents the generation of dust during elevation.  Since the elevator delivers its materials in fully-flooded mode there is insufficient air for dust to form.  The only air in the elevator is the interstitial air between the individual particles.
    Even if the material is comprised of dust-sized particles there will be no dust elevated because there is no air for the dust particles to be suspended in.  When an Olds elevator is stopped the casing remains completely full of product.  There is no fall back to fill in air voids as there are no air voids in the casing.


We would like to work in partnership through licensing this technological breakthrough to you. Enquiries about manufacturing this new technology under licence are welcome.



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