jul 16, 2013

Small footprint


OLDS ELEVATOR LLC introduced a new Model 7 elevator for sand and dense abrasives. “Olds Elevator was invented in a foundry to lift sand, shake-out sand, and shot blast and was an immediate improvement over traditional bucket elevators and pneumatic systems typically used in foundries. This new model is even better and easier to install in a crowded foundry or any operation that needs to elevate sand, “ according to company president Richard McIntosh.

Olds elevators have only one moving part in contact with abrasive sand; bearings are outside and accessible. Maintenance is limited to easily accessible, low-cost parts that will last for years and are serviced in less than an hour, according to the designer.

The new Model 7 ships on a pallet so it can be delivered to the location in the foundry with a forklift and assembled in a few hours.

“Foundries today are upgrading their processes and fitting in new lines in existing spaces,” McIntosh observed. “The Olds Elevator has a small footprint, lower intake, and higher discharge than other elevators, so it can replace existing elevators and fit in where others can not.”

The Olds rotating casing design allows flow control from zero to 100% of rated flow, with a VFD, so it is quick and easy to adjust the flow to your operation. There are no pneumatic elbows to replace, bag filters to service or expensive compressed air bills with a pneumatic conveyor and there are no buckets to hang up, belts to adjust or costly down time associated with bucket elevators. Whereas a bucket elevator pours sand into each bucket and ‘flings’ it as each bucket discharges, Olds elevators pull sand in from the bottom of the hopper and slide it up the filled, rotating casing, so there is no space for dust to form or be released.

Olds Elevators are available for capacities of 100 tons of sand per hour or more. The new Model 7 is rated for zero to 15 tons per hour of foundry sand, and it is available in a range of heights. Intake and discharge can be oriented in any direction.